Potty Training Your Child – Tips That Work

Potty Training Your Child – Tips That Work

Every toddler will come to a stage where he will have to start learning how to use the Potty and depend less on the Diapers. It is said most kids between 3-4 years uses about 5-6 diapers a day. So if you do able to properly potty train your kids, then you may be able to save lots of diapers and the money spent on them. Also diapers are smelly and to prevent rooms from bad odour most parents buy a nappy bins which are also expensive. So If you don’t want to buy the best nappy disposal bins, then potty train your kids as soon as possible.

Potty Training does take some time and will not happen right away. If you think you are ready and your toddler is ready… here are some great potty training tips that can help you to make the whole process a lot easier!

But do remember that every child is different so it is best to try out a few before you find something that works well for you and your little ones!

Understand When Your Child Is Ready For Potty Training

Before you can get your child to use the Potty, you have to make sure that your child is ready for it. Every child grows up and learns things differently so if you happen to see your neighbor or your friend’s child successfully using a Potty and you would like to follow suit and rush through things… it may just backfire and your child can just simply resist your efforts!

Observe your child’s behavior carefully and notice any cues or signals that your child is giving. Some of the simple things that signal that your child is ready for potty training, includes:

  • Ability to control their Bowel and Bladder Movement during their sleep
  • Being quiet and still in a Position for a few minutes and at times your child doesn’t even respond when you are talking to him
  • Dislikes being in a Wet Diaper and able to gesture to you
  • Eager to try out a Potty during a shopping trip after you have explained the use of it

How To Get Your Child Started On Potty Training

Use A Timer
Use a Timer to get your child used to sitting on a Potty. For a start, you can set an average time like 20 minutes and once it goes off, put your child on the Potty to see if they go. You can slowly increase the average time to 30 minutes or more as you train and getting them used to the whole process… eventually doing away with it. A child wearing a Potty Watch actually stops what they’re doing and gets your attention to help them go potty.

Offer A Little Reward
You can offer a little reward to your child if you see them being to able to let go in the Potty or seeing them making little efforts to go to their potty on their own when the Timer beeps. You can offer them a Grab Bag with all their favorite little toys or candies to choose from or show your love with your praises and hugs.

Use Underwear
Do confuse Underwear with Pull-Ups or Diapers and be prepared to have quite a bit of laundry in the initial stage. Pull-Ups and Diapers help to keep your child dry whereas underwear does the reverse – your child will be more conscious and will turn to the Potty.

Sing To Them
Instead of saying and pointing to them to use the Potty, make it a fun activity. Sing to them that it’s time to go to the Potty, while they are letting go, when they are done and how they should clean.

Get Your Child Occupied During Potty Training
It may usually take a while for your child to let go during Potty Training and the worst part is that their attention span is short. That is why it is important that you have some of their favorite items like toys or books that will keep them occupied. Do not give them your iPad as they will be more distracted with it than to concentrate on letting go.

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