Is Shower Chairs an Essential Tool For Elderly?

Is Shower Chairs an Essential Tool For Elderly?

If you are caring for the elderly at your own home, retirement home or as primary caregiver you already know that it can be difficult. It can be very stressful especially in certain situations and it is important to know how to react. On the other hand it can be extremely rewarding and nothing can replace the feeling that you get when you help care for somebody. No matter if you are a professional caregiver or you are taking care of your parents. You should at least know a few basic things that are very important.

There are two old golden rules that you have always to follow…

  • First rule – build some kind of friendship which will make your long term working relationship with them so much happier and less stressful.
  • Second rule – always established a routine and never underestimate its power. Routines are essential when you are trying to established a connection with a person under your care. A specific routine can give your senior an immense sense of comfort, as well as making your life much easier.

Before you start establishing a daily routine, you will need to find out as much as you can about the individual under your care. This is easy with your parents and other person you are related too in some way, but it can be difficult if you are caring for a complete stranger.

Of course there is a lot more than just two simple rules. You have to learn much more. But, if you follow these two rules your care giving “job” will be much easier. You have to build strong friendships with them and they will give to you more then you are giving to them. Elderly care is not just your job. It is much more. If you look at it as just a “J-O-B” you will be in for trouble soon and your work with the elderly will be nightmare.

Elderly people will not only need special care but also some special equipment. There are few things that are essential for elders like shower chair, bed rails, health monitor and if they are disabled or not able to walk then also a lightweight wheelchair. In our opinion shower chair is must as they provide support to them in bathroom. There are different types of shower chairs available in UK, but choose the one which is light in weight and also provide comfort for seniors. We will be discussing in detail about choosing the right shower chair for elderly later in this article.

Elderly CareThey help to provide support to users in the bathroom and toilet areas. There are several different designs of grab bars, and we usually recommend an angled one (which allows a two-handed grip) for the toilet area and a straight bar for the shower area. Wall-mounted shower seats are space-saving, and allow users to enjoy a relaxing bath.

When you start working with the elderly you have to know what you are doing in detail. The frustration of not knowing what is going on in your own world can be extremely upsetting, but having the right knowledge can help to avoid it. It will also give seniors a sense that they have some sort of control over their lives and this can be used effectively by caregivers. Sometimes it can take weeks or months to build up an effective relationship and routine, but once it is in place, you will have a great foundation to build on.

Elderly care is not hard job at all, if you learn the basics and if you have established strong friendship with your elderly patient. You will lower your stress and it will be worth the effort. When this happen both you and your patient will be the happiest persons in the world and you will enjoy every moment. Both the caregiver and care receiver will fully appreciate it. To make this process easier we have put together this article to help you on your journey. You will learn what you will need to know about elderly care. You will learn both basic and advanced techniques here. Don’t worry, you are not alone. Our staff has been doing it with great pleasure for more than 25 years and we will share everything with you.

Essential Tools For Elderly

Shower Chairs in UKOne of the most important ways to stay independent is to have the tools needed to accomplishing daily living activities, or DLAs. No one application has all of these features, but the right collection of apps can turn your phone or tablet into a small, light machine that can do all of the above and more. Carry the medications in the original pill bottle with the prescription label with you. A patient lift is possibly an essential product that you will need when caring for an elderly patient. These include being able to get dressed, get up and down from a chair, bed or toilet seat and be mobile.

  • Evidence shows that seniors who keep their minds challenged and their brains active mitigate their risk for Alzheimer’s disease and related forms of dementia.
  • Make sure you have enough dosage for your entire trip plus a few days in case of delay in getting home.
  • Back injuries are all too common for caretakers; using a patient lift to help move your patient from one location to another can help keep both you and your patient safe from injury.
  • Among the many categories of daily living aids, choices from the following can make accomplishing everyday tasks significantly easier.
  • Health claims aside, many puzzle-lovers enjoy Lumosity just for the fun it provides.

Make a copy of your prescription labels in case you need someone from home to call in a prescription while you’re away. Depending on your patient’s current level of mobility, a power wheelchair or scooter may be important. A new product called the GPS SmartSole is an insole that can go into the shoes of someone with Alzheimer’s so he can be easily found if he wanders off. These lightweight folding shower stools are made from corrosion resistant aluminium. Everyone expects a home to be a place that is safe, comfortable and homely.

Power wheelchairs and scooters can help your patient to get around within their own home, and they also allow for increased travel outdoors. You can set a perimeter and get a notification if the person leaves that area, plus track him via the GPS in the insoles. The stool folds down for easy storage. As we age, we have to add certain fixtures within the home to make it safer and easier for us to get around, yet we do not want to clutter the house or make it look clinical and institutional. Similar technology exists in watches, but people with Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia often are resistant to new devices they have to wear. A practical and height-adjustable stool, perfect for use in the shower. As such, the design of such fixtures is very important in creating products that are not just functional but also blend in well with the home.

Choosing the right shower chairs for senior

A shower chair is made for bathtubs or showers. Shower chairs are designed to fit neatly in a shower recess. Selecting a model with a wide seat (wide enough to meet or extend over the bathtub’s front wall) can make it possible for you to turn around and sit down on the seat while you are still standing outside the tub, allowing you to then raise your legs one at a time over the tub wall from a safe seated position, thereby preventing the need to “step” in and out over the bathtub wall. Carefully measure the shower stall or tub before you begin your search. It should be rust-resistant and sturdy.

  • For use in a bath tub, a transfer bench may be a better option.
  • Some shower chairs can also be used as commode chairs.
  • Take note of any unusual shapes or features that could affect the placement or performance of a seat (it could be an oddly-placed soap holder, a built-in shelf, etc). If the tub has rounded interior edges, seats with four legs may not sit cleanly inside.
  • Bath chairs are designed for use by people who can not stand while they shower.
  • It’s important to measure your shower recess or bath before purchasing a shower chair as you may have problems if a shower seat is too wide.

A hole is cut out in the middle of the chair so that it can either be placed over a toilet or have a commode pan attached. Look for seats with continuously-adjustable screw-style legs rather than the incremental slot-and-pin style – the former will allow you to fine-tune each leg’s height for greater stability. They also help people avoid sitting in the bottom of the bathtub where they can easily slip trying to stand or caretakers can strain their backs lifting the person out of the tub. A shower chair’s legs should fit on the flat base of the bath without wobbling. These commode chairs also make washing much easier for the user or a helper.


However, there are lots of shower seats available in the market. Shower chairs help people independently bathe and care for themselves while lowering the risk of accidental injury from painful falls. Therefore, the elderly adults don’t have much control in their body. Having a chair that has multiple functions will save you money as you don’t have to buy a new chair for each function. Some of the bath seats are excellent with fine material and some are worst.

This product is specially designed for the handicap and disabled people since it comes with the handle for offering the firm grip. So, the experienced bathroom related accident more. The back of the seat can be assembled for either left or right hand application depending on what side of the tub you wish to install it or you may wish not to install the back at all. While going to purchase a shower seat, you have to consider some basic facts. As a result, it is completely safe for the user since the risk of slipping is eliminated.

Multipurpose shower chairs
Thank God the risk reduces by the invention of the shower chair. This bench is made of rustproof sturdy aluminum with wide sure-grip legs to ensure a safe and stable transfer. Let me show you how to choose a shower seat for your bathroom. Additionally, if you are concerning about the assembly process, worry no more, this lightweight product requires no setting up tool at all. Shower chairs provide protection and support the elderly people, physically disabled people and sick people.

Dimensions of this bench are approximately 29 inches long by 16 inches deep by 25 inches high without the backrest. Transfer benches are designed to make transferring in and out of the bathtub safe and easy. The durability of the equipment matters a lot. Some models feature hanging baskets or compartments to hold soap and other toiletries, which can be very convenient for those who cannot stand at all or choose not to. A Transfer Bench increases safety and stability by allowing you to move your legs into the bathtub while already in a seated position.

As bath and shower aids they will be in contact with water. If you have difficulty stepping into and out of a tub, consider a shower chair that doubles as a transfer chair. Where a shower chair sits within the basin of your bathtub or shower, a portion of a Bath Bench sits outside of your tub basin eliminating the need to step over the tubs edge. Water can harm a lot of material. Some models are wide enough to extend out of the tub and can slide back and forth. Simply sit and transfer into a comfortable position! If you are choosing a shower chair to make sure it is corrosion-resistant. This allows you to avoid stepping into or out of a tub. If not it will start to corrode after several times of use. Instead you can sit down on the chair while it is outside of the tub, and then slide it into the bathing area.

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